Selasa, 09 Desember 2008

Finally Can
After speaking to wait months to the end as well. Finally lot (BYON m31 T5550) may be in the installation of Linux operating system, Ubuntu precisely 8:10 interprid ibex. I try to use original Mandriva kde.2008 but when incoming want to stage live cd arrived arrived for a road again. I continue to try again but this time I switch on the model verbose mode, but I remain the same way.
I continue to try to ask the question (in some people who have the instruction linux) said chipsetnya lot, so I ndukung (chipsetnya packing SIS), and I was disappointed the spirit again, but I try to PC in the house that speknya small packet of the Celeron but I forget specificity . after I try it can. Say thanks to god .... finally succeeded. but still not satisfied because I'm at home in week 2 days doank q I must study outside the island (madurese have). Pas and lecture about the Operating System I ask friends and lecturers. I recommend to use the latest release distributions. I finally pinjem punyaknya sister class to the latest output but also can do the same (with all that she can g brain atik?). Finally I towards BYON center and consultation with their answers also appeared chipsetnya lot g ndukung. Finally, I'm almost tired of despair. 26 November I took a seminar linux (introduction) distributions output from the latest Ubuntu. I also ask the question in the forum is still the same answers. Until the end I was married children ITC clubnya time I took the linux I know there's masternya linux Unijoyo bang Rotua I ask the question, and ultimately brain atik lot in the first elive can use linux, but when will be installed in (after entering with a live CD) to mention the g can. 2 weeks after that (shirt yesterday) I forget to take the CD's end elive bang Rotua with 8:10, Ubuntu. Ketuka fun willing to install the option's consciousness that Rotua and in the settings (I'm not sure we load up again) and can eventually succeed in the install even though my resolution to the standard 800x600 and some other applications, and the relationship's resolution (Cube Desktop effects, etc. ). But she is now important that I can crawl and brain atik linux today, a real party. Thanks Bang Rotua that I never care help me. Gooo ......

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